10 essential websites to prepare a trip


If there is something that travelers consider when it comes to prepare a trip It is that series of websites that greatly facilitate the arduous task of preparing a trip from start to finish, and why not say it, allow us to save a few euros. And who doesn't like to find a flight to Japan for less than 300 euros or an apartment in central London for 40 euros a night? We leave you 10 essential websites to prepare a trip:

1- Booking

One of the hotel search engines that we use most in our trips.
And with Booking we have at our disposal more than 590,000 accommodations in more than 70,000 destinations and best of all, at the best prices we can find in the market.
It is also very easy to use as it includes hotel location maps, price search filters, available services, location ... and the comments, both negative and positive, of previous travelers who have stayed.

2- Rentalcars

If we already have the flight and accommodation, what do we have left? Reserve a rental car.
This seems like an easy task, but if we think about the inconveniences that may arise, the task of looking for a company that ensures good service and above all, that responds if we have a problem, the thing that complicates.
So far we have always booked with Rentalcars and it has gone fabulous. Apart from having the most competitive prices we have found, comparing it even with our own car rental companiesThey have an extra service with which paying a little more if something happens to you and you have not contracted the insurance against all risks, they take care of the total bill.

3- Civitatis

There are not a few moments in which, without knowing very well how, we run out of time to prepare everything we want or that we seek to introduce ourselves a little more in the history of any of the places we visited, in order to know it more and understand it a lot better, something that in many occasions, is practically impossible but we have a guide. Civitatis is a leading company of excursions, activities, guided tours and airport transfers in Spanish and a perfect option to solve any of the above options. You can also hire transfers to / from the airport with them, so you don't worry about anything.

5- Mondo

If there is something we cannot forget when preparing our vacations, it is to look for a good travel insurance.
We know that feeling of feeling invincible and to think that it is impossible for something to happen to us, let alone being on that trip with which we have been dreaming so long.
Unfortunately that does not happen always and sometimes, it is inevitable that some unforeseen, come to meet us. It is in those moments when we assure you that there is nothing like having good travel insurance that takes care of everything, especially our health, something we should not play with.
Mondo is an insurance brokerage that after making an exhaustive analysis of the market and negotiating with the best companies puts at your disposal the best offer, perfectly adapting to the type of trip you are going to make.
To give an example: When you have traveled to a country where you have been over 3000 meters, such as Peru in the Colca Valley, Chile in the Atacama Desert or Tibet, have you checked that your insurance has that coverage?
With Mondo, you just have to add to the insurance that best suits your needs this extra and so you can travel quietly in every way.

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7- Google Maps

There is nothing like being able to take you on a trip a detailed map with the places you want to visit for later, to be able to follow it and consult at the moment, either online or offline.
In this case Google Maps fulfills these two functions perfectly, also serving as GPS in any corner of the world.
For us he has become one of our best travel companions, besides being an essential.

8- Tripadvisor

One of the websites that we use most, both when we are traveling and when we are organizing it is that through the opinions and photographs of the users we can get an idea of ​​how the accommodation will be or if the food of a particular restaurant will be what What are we searching for.
With the option «Close to me»Makes a selection of the best hotels, restaurants or attractions near us at the moment.

9- Skyscanner

If there is something essential to prepare a trip this is without a doubt a good flight search.
With Skyscanner you have as many options as you want to do the searches:
- By dates: Entering the dates you want or selecting the option «Full month»Or«Most economical month«. You have endless possibilities if you are flexible with dates.
And the best thing is that it shows you a calendar of the whole month with the prices indicated on each day so you don't have to be doing endless searches for days.
- By destination: One of the great discoveries. You can select the city of origin, dates and leave the destination as «any destination«. Skyscanner will list all destinations, from the cheapest to the most expensive according to the filter you have selected. Interesting, right?

10- Amazon

Backpacks, travel guides, accessories ... hundreds of things that many times we do not take into account until the last moment in which it is time to travel.
With Amazon we have one-click purchases and best of all, at really competitive prices and with the possibility of receiving it the day after the purchase.