The 5 best tours and excursions in Milan


Milan, the Italian city of fashion and shopping, without the beauty of Italian cities such as Rome, Florence or Venice, is interesting enough and has the attractions to spend at least one weekend. The icon of the city is the Duomo, with a white marble facade and bronze doors, located on the list of the most beautiful cathedrals in the world. Another place you can not miss is a visit to the Santa Maria delle Grazie Church to see The Last Supper, one of Leonardo da Vinci's masterpieces.
If you have more days, near Milan northbound, you will find the lake area of ​​Lombardy with the beautiful Lake Como and the Swiss Alps. In a southerly direction, towards the Mediterranean Coast you can quickly reach the beautiful villages of Cinque Terre.
Based on the days we spent in the city on our trip to Milan and Bergamo in 4 days and surroundings, we have made a list of what we believe, are the 5 best tours and excursions in Milan in Spanish.

1. Excursion to Lake Como

Lago di Como is one of the most beautiful lakes in Europe and one of the most incredible places to see in Italy. This lake of glacial origin, which was already very popular before George Cloney bought a house there, is perfect for enjoying a destination, surrounded by mountains and lush nature, dotted with beautiful villages and villas on its banks, which has become In one of the places chosen by many Italians and tourists to spend a dream vacation.
The best way to explore the lake is by boat from the city of Como, from where you can go down in the most beautiful villages such as Bellagio, Varenna, Nesso, Tremezzo and Menaggio or the luxurious villas of Balbianello and Carlota.
If you have a car you can go around the lake and stop in its villages and viewpoints, although the road is narrow and with many curves, it is another option that is worthwhile, to see the area from another perspective.
We visit Lake Como from Milan by renting a car, but if you don't want to drive you can go by train in less than an hour.
A good option, if you do not have much time, is to book a day trip to Lake Como with a guide in Spanish, which is also one of the best excursions in Milan in Spanish.

2. Excursion to the Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre, is a beautiful Italian coastal area with five picturesque villages located between cliffs and mountains, declared World Heritage by UNESCO. The gateway to this area is from the city of La Spezia by train or from the port of Portovenere by boat.
Monterosso is its largest town, which also has more hotel infrastructure and more affordable prices, so this was the main reason to stay here on our trip to Cinque Terre.
From Monterosso you can make a hiking route between olive trees, vineyards, cliffs and viewpoints to the sea, until you reach the village of Vernazza, one of the most beautiful in this area. Corniglia is the oldest and only town that has no exit to the sea, so the best option to reach it is by train.
Riomaggiore and Manarola, the last two villages of Cinque Terre, connected by the Via del Amor, a path along the coast of one kilometer, which is currently closed, are postcard and our favorites, since they are full of charming corners that They will make you fall in love while you walk through its streets.
Although you visit the villages by train, it is essential to save a few hours to take a boat trip along the coast to have the best perspective of Cinque Terre, from where you can enjoy the incredible landscapes from the water.
To reach Cinque Terre from Milan you can rent a car or travel by train to La Spezia, from where the journey takes about 3 hours in both cases. Another good option if you have little time and do not want to rent a car is to book a bus tour to Portovenere and then take the boat to see the villages of Cinque Terre.

Venice, one of the best excursions in Milan

If you feel like helping us complete the list of 5 best tours and excursions in Milan in Spanish, add yours in the comments.